Using VB6 in Windows 7

There are two problems I encountered while using VB6 in Windows 7 (please don’t ask me why…):

  1. Cannot use mouse scroll
  2. Positioning controls on Form is major problem in VB6 IDE, as it lags beyond tolerance

And here are the solutions:

For first problem:

  1. Download VB6MouseWheelFix
  2. Copy VB6IDEMouseWheelAddin.dll to some folder (I copied it to windows\system32).
  3. Open command in with elevated rights (right click on All Programs -> Accessories-> Command Promt and select run as administrator)
  4. Type “regsvr32 {path}\VB6IDEMouseWheelAddin.dll”
  5. Now start VB
  6. Select Add Ins -> Add ins manager
  7. You will find MouseWheelFix. Select it and click on “Load on Startup”

Your mouse wheel will work now.

For second problem:

  1. Right click on VB6.exe and select Properties
  2. From Composition tab, select “Disable desktop composition”

and your IDE will work smoothly again.



Author: ashishtilak

I am happy go lucky kinda person. Always smiling and making people smile. Luv every thing life has to offer. And, I am a software engg. too, working at a manufacturing company. See more about myself in my blogs.

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