How to resolve “Cannot run “” script” Error in Outlook Rule

I was very happy to have resolved “Auto forwarded mail rule” issue (How? You can read here). Everything worked like a charm yesterday, but today morning, it simply would not run!

After re-creating rule, and re-creating procedure, I was presented with error:
Cannot run "" script

Wow! Wonderful error explanation by MS again.

So, what’s the solution?


  1. Create a copy of your VBA code (somewhere in a text file)
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Create a backup of vbaproject.otm file and delete it (it should be in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook path by default)
  4. Restart outlook
  5. Start VBA (Alt + F11)
  6. Paste your VBA code
  7. Restart Outlook
  8. Create Rule, and assign Run Script

This should work now.

Remember to have a copy of all your codes that are created in vbaproject.otm

Check your macro settings
It should be “Notifications for all macros”

macro settings
macro settings

Save your settings, and restart Outlook

This should work now.



Author: ashishtilak

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