How to install Turbo C in Windows 7

I recently joined CS50 course from Harvard University (a separate post will come..). And “C” is a part of course. They have provided virtual box, but I wanted to go back in history, when I was trying all these on my DOS computer. So wanted to somehow install older Turbo C on Win 7.

Here is how to do:
Download from
Extract this zip file into root of any of your drive with name “TURBOC”. (I choose my secondary partition d:\turboc)

Then install DOSBox from here:

Install DOSBox.

Start DOSBox.

mount c d:\

This will create “C:” in your virtual DOS box with your D:\ as source.

cd turboc

Follow on screen guide to install Turbo C (default in C:\TC directory).

Goto C:\TC directory and you can run TurboC from C:\TC\BIN directory.

Enjoy!!! 🙂

EDIT: Psst!! You can use 🙂


Author: ashishtilak

I am happy go lucky kinda person. Always smiling and making people smile. Luv every thing life has to offer. And, I am a software engg. too, working at a manufacturing company. See more about myself in my blogs.

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