Release strategy tables in SAP

Release strategy without classification:

  • T161I Release strategy w/o classification.
  • T161E Release code and Description
  • T161S Release indicator
  • T161G Assignment to release indicator
  • T161F Prerequisites

Release strategy with classification:

  • T16FG, T16FS Release strategy with classification
  • T16FH description of the release group
  • T16FT description of the release strategy
  • T16FC Release code
  • T16FD Description of the release code
  • T16FV Prerequisites and actions
  • T16FK Assignment to release indicator
  • T16FB (purchasing documents), T161S(Purchase requisitions), T16FL(Service Entry sheet) is the release indicator
  • T161U(requisition), T16FE(purchasing document), T16FM(service entry sheet) are the descriptions of the release indicator

So, if you want to find release strategies assigned to a release group, then first go to table T16FV (prerequisites) and find release strategy by group (put it in Release code field). Execute and find all the release strategies. Then go to table T16FT to find description of those release strategies.

To See the tables
Go to Transaction SE11, in the field Table click F4, Click on Information system
In the applciation Compnnets enter the following & execute

MM* Materials Management
MM-CBP* Consumption-Based Planning
MM-PUR* Purchasing
MM-SRV* External Services
MM-IM* Inventory Management
MM-IV* Invoice Verification
MM-IS* Information System
MM-EDI* Electronic Data Inter
MM-FT* Foreign trade


Go to SE16 Click F4, You have two options Information system & Sap Applications.

Click on SAP Applications and select the application you want to see, for e.g. Purchasing you can click on materials management, Purchasing. If you drill down you will see the list of all related tables…




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