SAP Tables for Material Class assignment

Tables for Material-Class:

Material Master
MARA General Material Data
MAKT Material Descriptions
MARC Plant Data for Material
MBEW Material Valuation
MARD Storage Location Data for Material
MARM Units of Measure for Material
MVKE Sales Data for Material
MPOP Forecast Parameters
MPGD_MASS Planning Data
MLAN Tax Classification for Material
MLGN Material Data for Each Warehouse Number
MLGT Material Data for Each Storage Type
Batch Tables
MCH1 Find batches (from 3.0)
MCHA Find batches
MCHB Batch Stocks
MCHBH Batch Stocks: History
MCHBO1 Appendix for Additional Quantities at Batch Leve
MCHCL Batch Class Conversion
MCHCL_MAT Materials for Batch Class Conversion
MCHP Batch Record for a Batch
MCHPV Batch Record: Versions
MCHPVS Batch Record: Shadow Table for Link to Archive
MCHPVT Batch Record: Long Text for Version
MCHUWL User-Specific Batch Worklist
MCHUWT Assignment of User to Batch Worklist Type
MCHWT Batch Worklist Types
MCHWTT Batch Worklist Type Texts
Char. Tables
AUSP Characteristic Values
AUSPC_V1 AUSP: for Char. Characteristics w/o ECH
AUSPC_V2 AUSP: for Char. Characteristics with ECH
AUSPC_V3 AUSP: for CHAR Characteristics with Tolerance
AUSPN_V1 AUSP: for Numeric 1-Value Characteristics Without ECH
AUSPN_V2 AUSP: for Numeric 1-Value Characteristics with ECH
AUSPN_V3 AUSP: for Numeric N-Value Characteristics Without ECH
AUSPN_V4 AUSP: for Numeric N-Value Characteristics with ECH
Class tables
KLAH Class Header Data
KLAT Classes: Long Texts
KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
KSSK_INOB View for Finding Objects
KSSKAUSP View for Finding Objects in AUSP

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