Diatonic Major Scale in key of “C”

Overwhelmed by the number of positions from where I can play Diatonic Major Scale. The term “diatonic” refers to the scale which contains the notes of a major scale (no sharps or flats).
Look at following diagram:

Diatonic major in "C"
Diatonic major in “C”

These are the notes that we can play on guitar! As you can see, the complexity of the guitar so high that finding a way of memorizing all these notes is extremely difficult.

So, it is better to divide them in patterns, as seen in following pictures:

3rd Position
3rd Position
5th position
5th position
7th position
7th position
10th Position
10th Position

That’s what I learned in past three days! Playing diatonic major scale from different positions and memorizing the pattern.


Author: ashishtilak

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