I grew up in a small village and still live in there… Bhujpur – Kutch, near developing new port Mundra.  I’m madly in love with and very happily married (more than 5 years now) to my sweetheart – Hema, have cute little angel baby – Purva, love my parents, love my friends, love my life, enjoy my job (software engg), and hope to (somehow) provide some kind of encouragement to others.  I love to read and learn.

Before 2 years, when I turned 29, I was staggered by how old I had become while allowing myself to just kind of wander through the life I had been given.  As a result, I spent several days creating a list of the things I wanted to accomplish with the rest of my life.  These became my “Bucket List”.  {Btw, you can create your list on http://www.43things.com.} I stopped my list at fifty items and set about accomplishing as many items as possible – but not necessarily with a single minded purpose to do so.

I’m not entirely sure why others blog, but my goals with this are simple: I want to put some of my thoughts and experiences in writing, share them with you (since you are reading this), and encourage you to pursue your own goals -no matter how unreachable they may seem.

As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Let’s see how it goes…


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